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Capitals in French vs English: a Capital Matter!

Capitals in French and in English

Capitalization is different in English and in French on several aspects. One of my English university professors used to repeat ׅ“English is poor in commas but rich in capitals.” Absolutely true! Here are a few cases where we need to be cautious when translating English into French. 1. Title of art or creative pieces In…

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How Fast Can a Translation Be Delivered?

Fast translation

Human translation is generally a factor of quality — but quality requires time. This principle is not always understood, but I would like to shed light on it to improve satisfaction for both parties, clients and translators. For example, here is the kind of email I can receive on a usual morning. Dear Dominique, Please…

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What is a Good French Translation?

What is a good French translation

We all know what a bad translation is: Beef liver bites — translated into French by “morsures de foie de bœuf”, which literally means “bites made by a beef liver”. Extra Butter Flavour — translated into French by “a very butter flavour”. Polish sausage — translated into “Polissez la saucisse” (my favourite!), an imperative sentence…

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Why Choose a Certified Translator?

Certified translator at work

You do not need to be certified to call yourself a translator. However, as a business owner, you certainly want your language services provider to be accountable for his or her work — some kind of warranty, if you like. Here are the top 5 reasons why to choose a certified translator. 1. His skills…

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How Much Does a Translation Cost?

Cost of a translation

When I ask people around me what is, according to them, the cost of translating one page of text, their answer vary from an enormous to a ridiculously small amount. Are translation fees so mysterious? Not at all! In fact, they’re pretty simple. Let’s shed a bit of light on the dark side of the…

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