English-French Translation

Tips for Saving on Translation Costs

Save on translation costs

Did you know that you have some kind of power over your translation costs? There are a few things you can do or implement in your business to reduce them. Some tips might sound like a little bit more work at the beginning, but you will thank me later for the great savings! 1. Provide…

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How Fast Can a Translation Be Delivered?

Fast translation

Human translation is generally a factor of quality — but quality requires time. This principle is not always understood, but I would like to shed light on it to improve satisfaction for both parties, clients and translators. For example, here is the kind of email I can receive on a usual morning. Dear Dominique, Please…

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What is a Good French Translation?

What is a good French translation

We all know what a bad translation is: Beef liver bites — translated into French by “morsures de foie de bœuf”, which literally means “bites made by a beef liver”. Extra Butter Flavour — translated into French by “a very butter flavour”. Polish sausage — translated into “Polissez la saucisse” (my favourite!), an imperative sentence…

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How Much Does a Translation Cost?

Cost of a translation

When I ask people around me what is, according to them, the cost of translating one page of text, their answer vary from an enormous to a ridiculously small amount. Are translation fees so mysterious? Not at all! In fact, they’re pretty simple. Let’s shed a bit of light on the dark side of the…

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