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Capitals in French vs English: a Capital Matter!

Capitals in French and in English

Capitalization is different in English and in French on several aspects. One of my English university professors used to repeat ׅ“English is poor in commas but rich in capitals.” Absolutely true! Here are a few cases where we need to be cautious when translating English into French. 1. Title of art or creative pieces In…

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Certified Translation: All you Need to Know

Certified translation seal of a certified translator

Your daughter was born in Quebec, Canada, and her birth certificate is drafted in French. Small problem: you now live in the United States and she needs to submit a birth certificate in English to register to school — you need a certified translation. No problem at all, in fact! Let’s see what a certified…

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6 Celebrities Who Speak French (and Rock at it)

6 celebrities who speak French 560x370

They are popular. They are rich. They speak French. Here are a few celebrities who can confidently add ‘‘Spoken Languages: French’’ to their résumés along with their long list of accomplishments. Sandra Oh God I miss Christina in Grey’s Anatomy! And I have one more reason now that I know that Sandra Oh studied in…

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Introducing New “Fun with French” Category

Fun with French Category

Who said learning about French was boring? In addition to helping businesses succeed in their French journey, I’d like to share in this blog a bunch of fun facts about French that will make you smile, laugh or seem intelligent in your next family reunion. As a tribute to Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags (shout…

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Tips for Saving on Translation Costs

Save on translation costs

Did you know that you have some kind of power over your translation costs? There are a few things you can do or implement in your business to reduce them. Some tips might sound like a little bit more work at the beginning, but you will thank me later for the great savings! 1. Provide…

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How Fast Can a Translation Be Delivered?

Fast translation

Human translation is generally a factor of quality — but quality requires time. This principle is not always understood, but I would like to shed light on it to improve satisfaction for both parties, clients and translators. For example, here is the kind of email I can receive on a usual morning. Dear Dominique, Please…

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