6 Celebrities Who Speak French (and Rock at it)

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They are popular. They are rich. They speak French. Here are a few celebrities who can confidently add ‘‘Spoken Languages: French’’ to their résumés along with their long list of accomplishments.

Sandra Oh

God I miss Christina in Grey’s Anatomy! And I have one more reason now that I know that Sandra Oh studied in Montreal, where she learned French. Bonus: she has the cutest québécois accent. See here by yourself!

Emma Watson

She definitely has all talents. She was born in Paris, where she was raised for her first 5 years, and speaks French quite well since then.

Emma Thompson

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Source: Wikipedia

What is it with the Emmas and French? Maybe that’s because Emma Watson and her are British, a country close to France. This brilliant actress does not stop to surprise me.

Jodie Foster

The first time I heard Jodie Foster speak French in an interview on television, I was completely astonished! Her French is practically perfect, better than many whose mother tongue is French…

John Malkovich

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Source: Wikipedia

This famous actor lived about 10 years in France, where he still owns a property.

J. K. Rowling

Celebrities who speak French_JK Rowling
Source: Wikipedia

The author of Harry Potter received the French Legion of Honour, France’s highest award, in 2009. No wonder the name of her villain is Voldemort, a name that, according to her, ‘‘evokes both power and exoticism’’. Hey, is that the impression you guys have of us, Francophones? 😉

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